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This is Yoonla CPA Affiliate Program review. it is legitimate opportunity to make money from online to work with Yoonla™. I am already a resisted  Yoonla™ VIP member. will working with Yoonla™  and get earnings.

I hope this reviews will help you to clear up your confusion if any about yoonla.

So if you really want to earn money from online through legitimate way then i hope you don’t skip the review to understand is it legitimate or not.

  • What is the Yoonla™ ?


The Yoonla™ is a digital marketing platform. that shows complete beginners how to make money online with CPA marketing and affiliate marketing. Yoonla™ will do complete setup who are want to make money with CPA (Cost Per Action) Affiliate Marketing.  Yoonla™ will provide their  members for becoming a digital entrepreneur without any cost.

The Yoonla™ ‘s training is focused for the tools that you need for your digital marketing , they recommended a website and auto-responder to work with Yoonla™. however Yoonla™ has recommended products, that you have no need to purchase for using the free Yoonla™ membership.

However, if you use best marketing strategies, honest with your promotions and willing to help others people who are wanted help to get start, i hope success will must come to you.  If you don’t know about CPA Affiliate Marketing, you should look it from wikipedia.

I love CPA(cost per action) marketing and affiliate marketing cause it is really freedom ways to make money online.

So the intent of this article is clarify what is Yoonla™ and how it is a stable opportunity.

  • Is Yoonla™ Really Offer Free Membership ?

Yes, Yoonla™ offers a free membership but for make money with the Yoonla™ CPA Program, a VIP upgrade is must.  Regardless of what you do, Yoonla still offers some really good training focusing on CPA affiliate marketing and marketing in general.  The free membership also provides three digital products for email, Twitter and YouTube marketing.  The training has no cost .

How to create a free yoonla account ?


For free sign up click here>>>

After click the above link below window will appear. then fill up your Full Name and valid email address. and click on CREATE MY ACCOUNT

See the instruction below>>>

After click on CREATE MY ACCOUNT, you get a mail from yoonla. So check your E-mail inbox if you not found then check also Spam folder and after finding the mail you can open it.

After open the mail then click on active my account as following below.

And then below window will appear and then you can fill up all the information and the click on Active your Account as following below….

And finally you are able to access the yoonla free account Dashboard that look like as below.

On the left hand side you are able to see 5 steps to complete if you want to go all in with the program.  But that is not a requirement.  Reno Van Boven will promoting the tools that he using as an affiliate marketing and those tools are part of the Yoonla™ Foundation.  Those tools include Yahoo Domain, Web hosting, GetResponse (auto-responder) and an optional tool that called Lead pag.

In the video presentation he offering you to complete setup your digital lifestyle, in order to complete that set up, you have to spend for Yahoo and GetResponse.  By purchasing those tools, you have upgrade  to the VIP membership and then get ready to earn money from yoonla to do CPA.

I haven’t  any issues with this business system, but what I take issue with is how a lot of the Yoonla™ members are hyping Yoonla™ as a free member to make up to $5.00 per lead and $30.00 per VIP membership upgrade with no investment.

Their promotions will give me the impression that they are just wanting to get paid for the leads(visitor to sign up only) and they don’t care about how they get those leads(visitor).  Their  method are very good  ‘bait and switch’.   That being said, I nothing found in those video that Reno van provides that encouraged members to mislead or lie about the Yoonla™ money making opportunities.  I think those members really don’t understand about Yoonla™.

If somehow Reno determines that a member is purposely miss representing about Yoonla™, then he will must terminate your account. Another thing is these member is not reflecting, is if or not their leads were approved.  Yoonla™ will verify every lead that to make sure it is authentic.

Every lead will mirror as ‘Pending’ until it will goes through the verification process system which begins on the 15th of every month.  If the lead is a duplicate lead, then it will be declined instantly.  when someone has already joined Yoonla™ previously and after that joins a second time then A duplicate lead is created.

So what is free ?

The Yoonla™ Digital Lifestyle Membership is totally free .  You have access to training & digital products in the free membership.

So only when you want to earn then you have must need to upgrade to VIP Membership by purchasing the domain, web hosting and GetResponse.

Those product you have need to do your CPA marketing and it is your asset

Most members don’t makes clear that difference in their promotions. Even if you do not want to upgrade to the VIP membership, Yoonla offers some really good affiliate marketing training to both of free and VIP members.

Click Here to Join Yoonla™ –and  Create a Digital Lifestyle

Yoonla™ The Foundation – Phase-1

Currently, Yoonla™ is still on Phase 1, so there is a lots of growing  potential.  Phase 1 involves the blueprint for building digital lifestyle.

1.) For promoting Your website three is digital products, Twitter, e-mail, & YouTube marketing and also the Yoonla™ membership.

2.) Auto-responder will be to build an email listing.

Future phases that call phase 2 will involve with additional products to promote and more ways to making commissions from that’s.

What is the requirement to Upgrade the yoonla™ VIP Member?

For the VIP membership you must have need to buy domain, hosting and Get respond service , but it allows you the opportunity to make some pretty good commissions.

when you are a VIP member, then you able to make $2.00-$5.00 per qualified lead it will depend on country. also have commissions from $10.00-$15.00 if a lead upgrades to VIP membership by using your affiliate ID.

As previously mentioned for the Yoonla™ VIP Members has need includes as flows :

  1. Yahoo Aabaco Small Business Domain & Web hosting
  2. GetResponse for auto-responder
  3. The optional Lead Pages.  (In my opinion, this is not must necessary until you are get in to the more advanced stages on CPA and affiliate marketing)

How to upgrades VIP membership ?

After login your free account your are able to see the following below window/Dashboard  on this you can see on left side has full instruction to upgrad VIP membership. i am also shortly describe here to do this as follow.

So now you have just need to click on blue button that says “Claim Your Custom Setup by Reno & Become a Yoonla™ VIP!(a$297 Value)” (Mark as -1)

Also complete the 3 Step-that i marked as 2, 3, and 4 in arrow .

after click on step-1, Step-2 and step-3 then you have able to see the instruction to complete the upgrade .

Step-1==>Buy Domain & Web Hosting with Yahoo Aabaco Small Business Hosting. (Mark As-2)

The Yahoo Aabaco web hosting has required to become a VIP member of  Yoonla™.  Yoonla™ will provides three digital products that you promote with on your website.  The Get Response auto-responder linked with your website so you are able to collect emails list.  Your website have also your VIP affiliate link on it, so this will promoted as well.

Using the yahoo host and it will recommended ‘Advanced’ plan, look on the below  circle. 

It cost around 7.99 per month for 12 month plan which still very reasonable.  and It will be around $92.00 for the first year

or if you can opt to pay $9.99 for each month. and the annual membership will offering a free domain and the discount.


If you opt for the monthly payment, you have need to pay for the domain name which is around $10.99 per years. so the total for domain and hosting is $20.98 .  After that, my monthly hosting will be $9.99.  My domain will be 10.99 yearly.

So your website and domain has need to promote the three digital products and capture the leads for your eMail list.

###IMPORTANT NOTE###When  you perches your domain, it is against the Yoonla™ terms & conditions to have name “Yoonla” in your domain name.  Violations of the Yoonla™ terms & conditions it’s result account termination.

Step-2==> buy GetResponse (Mark as -3)

The cost is to join in the most basic GetResponse option is $15.00 in a month for build an email list up to 1,000 emails.  That too is not an unreasonable cost for an auto-responder.  GetResponse will help build your email list so you can promote the Yoonla™ Digital Lifestyle and other products you have to offer.

Remember it that is your commissions will come from your leads and sub-affiliates should be cover your all expenses.  It is very easy to recover your initial invest & it cover any monthly costs for that you incur for your website and auto-responder.

Step-3>>> Fill Out the Custom Setup Form (Mark as-4)

After click on step-3 below window will appear and fill out the form and use my referrer id in reffer id filed as following below, cause i introduce you about Yoonla™ also will help you if you face any issue future.

After submit the info the yoonla team will set it up and ready with is 2 days that you get confirmation in your email.

Once ready the website then you also ready to promote your affiliate link to get earn. when someone can sign up through your affiliate link then you get paid also when the lead upgrade then you also get paid.

Referrer ID is- 5a2ec4880a224

Referrer ID is- 5a2ec4880a224 (use it on the above form)




==>Frequently Asking Question .

how the Initial Cost for Yoonla VIP Membership ?

Yahoo-for domain & web hosting: $92.00 it’s include the free domain name for the first year.

or $9.99 per month for Advance plan hosting and the domain is $10.99 for a year.

GetResponse (auto-responder): the email plan price is $15.00 per month for up to a 1,000-email list or that you choose from the list or plan.  However, I recommend for first start, you can select the $15.00 plan and upgrade after your email list reaches the 1,000 mark.

I have cost to upgrade to VIP that was total $35.98 for Get Response, web hosting & domain name to start.

I opted for $15.00/month GetResponse membership and $10.99 is for my domain name and for the yahoo web hosting for $9.99/monthly

How you can Earn Money with Yoonla™ as a VIP Member ?

  1. You will get paid for the each qualified lead.
  2. When a lead upgrades to VIP membership, then you get a onetime commission.
  3. When one of your VIP sub affiliates upgrades, you can earn a onetime commission from all of them.

Country list for $5.00 per Lead:

United States
United Kingdom
New Zealand
Canada and Ireland

With the exception of the countries as flowing below, most others, country will earn $2.00 for every lead.

Payment Countries (Non-Lead): The following below countries only can be join as a VIP member only.


 Below Countries NOT ALLOWED to The Yoonla™ Program due to for their excessive fraud:

Vietnam and

VIP Upgrades:

The VIP membership will allows you for the additional commissions when your lead upgrade to the VIP member which range will $10.00-$15.00.

When a sub affiliate person upgrades to VIP, you also can earn up to $10.00.

so you have to decide for yourself that if the investments are worth the money.  Since Reno van want willing to set everything for you without additional cost, it might be a best idea.  Also if you choose that not to have Reno complete your setup for the website and auto-responder. the videos will walk you through everything that need.

Yoonla™ Custom Setup for Free

The custom setup is offered for the new VIP member.  It is imperative that is you will watch the videos in your members dashboard to complete the purchase of the web hosting, domain and the GetResponse tools.  The videos will provide step by step guide to completing the custom setup form.  If the form is incomplete or contains the wrong information, that will be delays in the completion of your custom setup.

>>>Important please read:  I have communicated with many people who are experiencing issues with the support or help desk.  I have finding the majority of issues that are fault of the member, not Yoonla.  If you completed the custom setup for incorrectly, then it will cause to delays of Yoonla’s to complete your setups.  They will send you an email for requesting the correct information. so  It is your responsibility for respond.  So don’t forget to double check all information before submitting of the custom setup form.  and watch all of those training video for getting important info.  I double checked the information and I watched all training videos. and i have not had any issues because I took time to do that.

Once your custom setup has been all completed, then you receive an email from the Yoonla™, instructing you that what to do for next.  Again, the videos  will provide step by step guideline. all of the steps are really very easy to complete.

I previously also mentioned, if you don’t want to invest for the VIP membership, then you can still utilize the training and PDFs for email,  YouTube & Twitter  marketing.

When and how Yoonla™ will Pay it’s Member?

-The Yoonla™ has a pretty straight forward payment system.

-All Payments made via PayPal and fees (approximately 5%) will be apply.  also Yoonla™ is looking for additional payment options.

Lead Payments:

-The leads that you generate it must be confirmed before they will mark as an ‘approved’ leads. As mentioned above, all leads will reflect a “Pending’ status until they are confirmed and verified.

  This verification process on the 15th of every month. My lead verification process has completed around on 22nd of the month. Leads will be ‘declined’ if the system will determines that they are duplicates, fake referrals/leads unsubscribed, canceled or bogus .

-Payments for referrals and approved leads that will be processed between the 22nd to 28th of each month. however, if that date will falls for weekend, then the payments will be processed the following business day.

For an example, if you generated enough ‘approved’ leads in month of June, then you can receive your payment around the 24th to 28th of July (if 22nd falls for weekend).

-It’s important to know that is payment will not made instantly.  The minimum payment is $200.00.  This threshold can be set in your affiliate account under the ‘Commissions> Payment To Me’.

-You have need to request for your payment.  Once you have reached the minimum payout of $200.00, you are able to see a clickable button for request your payment.  It is very important to make sure that you provide the correct PayPal email and it is all responsibility of yours.

Learn About VIP Upgrade Affiliate and Sub-Affiliate Commission Payments:

For VIP Member upgrade commissions usually take approximately 2 month for receive your commissions payment after they confirmed and approved.  It is should become a non-issue when some of your lead will upgrade each month.

>>Commissions will be verified and confirmed after the 30 day money back guarantee expires with the web hosting and auto-responder providers (this also applies to those who purchase the Leadpages membership option<<

For an example, if one of your leads willl upgrades in January, then they have 30 days to decide if they want to continue as a VIP.  That 30 day period will not expire until February.  Due to the Yoonla lead-commission approval period, you have need to wait until the next month to get payment.

Follow The Yoonla™ Affiliate Terms And Conditions

As an affiliate marketers, it is your responsibility to read and understand the affiliate terms and conditions.  If Yoonla™ detects fraudulent activity or if you violate any of the terms and conditions, then your Yoonla™ affiliate account can be terminated for the violation.


I hope this Yoonla™ reviews will help you guys to given you basic Concept of  Yoonla™.  So now you are responsible for decide that which direction you want to takes. Yoonla™ is legitimate ways to make money . but for the misleading promotions by some members are eventually give it a bad name and mad bad things.

Yoonla™ has added some training it’s called ‘Affiliate Marketing 101’.  This is a good to start for Affiliate Marketing  beginners.  hope Yoonla™ will be do continue to add training to help the beginners for gain the knowledge they need to be successful with Yoonla™ and building their digital career .

So If you afford the associated investments for the VIP membership, I would go on that route, because you have the ability to make an Earn money from leads and commissions.  The leads and commissions you generate will cover your expenses.  Since Yoonla™ in its first phase  there is lot of more to come in the near future and beyond.

So finally If you decide to join Yoonla™ and become you one of a my sub-affiliate’s, so then pass me a message will allows with you of all.

I talk with lot’s of people who don’t get any support from their referrer. So only ways that if i can be success is if you are successful.  I am here to support you every step of the way.  I will be your mentor. also i ready to help you via team-viewer remote support to get solution any of your issue about Yoonla.

I already assisted many people who joined Yoonla™ but not get any support from their up line or reference person   So, if am i willing to help a non-affiliates lines, then now you can be rest assured, and will help you those who join through my affiliate link.

I expect you to do the following below before asking for my help:

  1. Read this reviews In details .

When you are a  Yoonla™  member, then Avoid the ‘bait & switch’ tactics. I have seeing other members resort to  It will only destroy your reputation and any trust people might have on you.  If you want to be successful making money online with any kind of affiliate marketing opportunities, you must establish a good reputation and trust.

Understanding that what you are promoting is imperative.  I believe that is one of main problem with Yoonla™ members.  They have not taken time to fully understand about the differences between free membership and the VIP CPA Affiliate Program.  So we are represent Yoonla™ and it is our responsibility as a member to fully understand the processing system.  I seen lot of members asking questions that they should already know the answers.

Being successful with CPA marketing and affiliate marketing requires consistent action & work.  If you are not want willing to put best effort and dedications, this is not for you.  and another is if you are thinking  truly and ‘long term’ want to build a business then that’s really does involve ultimate earnings opportunities, AND if you are willing to work for it, then this is best for you.

So If you still have any questions or query, please leave a comment on the comment box connect with me on Facebook here. 

Click here to join Yoonla™ and create your digital lifestyle today

For Vip Upgrade use the referrer id- 5a2ec4880a224

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